Reopening the State and Your Business – A Resource Guide

By April 30, 2020 May 22nd, 2020 Business, Coronavirus

UPDATED MAY 22, 2020

When and how you may reopen your business after the COVID-19 shutdown is a question that initially will be answered by federal and State government, and then by individual business owners and managers.  For example, Maine Governor Janet Mills has set out a four-stage program for when Maine businesses may reopen with specific checklists for each business to follow, but whether to reopen on that schedule or later is up to each business owner or manager.

The attorneys at Perkins Thompson are monitoring the orders, policy documents and guidance on reopening being issued by various government agencies and business and industry trade groups, and we are providing links to those resources below to help our clients make the determination of when and how best to open their individual businesses that addresses their individual needs and circumstances.

Here are some resources that you might look to for guidance as you begin to look at reopening your business establishments:

Federal Resources

State of Maine Resources