Brandon Mazer travels to UK for Leeds International Beer Festival

During Brandon Mazer’s time as President of the Maine Brewers’ Guild, he worked with the Board and Executive Director, Sean Sullivan, to launch the Maine Beer Box.  The Maine Beer Box is a custom-built 40-foot refrigerated shipping container with 78 beer taps and draft system, with the goal of bringing Maine beer to a different country every year.   In June 2017, Brandon traveled with the Guild to Reykjavik, Iceland where the Guild hosted the largest beer festival in Icelandic history and lead to a number of collaborations between Maine and Icelandic brewers.

This year, the Maine Beer Box is traveling to Leeds, England where it will be featured at the Leeds International Beer Festival. Brandon will be joining over 65 Maine breweries, including many who are clients of Perkins Thompson, to attend the festival and use his in-depth knowledge of alcohol compliance in the United States to develop business relationships with breweries in the United Kingdom that may be looking to bring their beers to the US, as well as work with Maine brewers who may want to export to the UK.

Upon his return, Brandon will be guest lecturing in Thomas Brems’ course at the University of Maine Law School: Topics in Legal Practice: Import/Export.