Property Tax Stabilization Annual Deadline is December 1

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Maine’s Property Tax Stabilization Program, the “Program,” took effect in August 2022. This Program is designed to freeze or stabilize an individual’s property tax on a homestead from year to year. The annual deadline to carry over the previous year’s tax amount is December 1, and an application must be submitted to the local municipality for review each year. Read More

Tapping Your IRA or 401(k) Plan to Weather the Coronavirus

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In March, U.S. lawmakers passed a coronavirus relief and stimulus package to help Americans weather the economic shutdown.  The package includes changes to retirement plan rules to make it easier for people to take early withdrawals and loans from retirement accounts and IRAs.

Allowing such early withdrawals and loans may be helpful in providing cash for living expenses and avoid the need to tap into credit cards or personal loans to pay bills.  However, the downside of tapping into retirement plan savings is that by so doing the taxpayer may have some long-term detrimental impacts on their retirement. Read More